The Activate Community share the common belief that as Christ’s followers we anticipate the resurrection of the earth and its people. We share common values that we believe are the characteristics of the Kingdom of God and so…

We value every individual. In a kingdom established through love and grace, we believe that as followers of Jesus that the church is a community who is available to all.

We value the Scriptures. As the truth of God found in the teachings of Jesus, His followers and The Old Testament, heralding the Kingdom has come and is to come through Christ and Christ alone.

We value Gathering together. As believers we are called to gather together to worship, to welcome, to share in the Lord’s table, to learn and to share.

We value the person and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The third person of the Triune God,  The person of the Holy Spirit is truth, peace and life which enters into our lives through faith in Jesus, so that we might have a intimate relationship with God and receive encouragement, comfort, transformation and empowerment as we live out the love of Christ.

We value Justice because we value People. Jesus continually  spoke and taught about looking after the oppressed and the marginalised, it is at the core of the gospel and so we look to bring change where and whenever possible: through relationships, political and social activism and programs at home and around the world, because we are all loved by God.

We value the earth. As our home, created by God for us, we believe that though God’s kingdom is not of this earth, it is for its ultimate renewal. We have been created to live in harmony with all of His creation and so we participate where we can, in its healing and renewal, it is part of our worship.

We value being disciples. As followers of Jesus we are called to live as He did in ‘Authentic Community’, in ‘Selfless Service’, with ‘Radical Generosity’ and with a ‘Deep Spirituality’. These are the marks that we chose to live by and so we value prayer, worship, serving and living for Jesus and each other, giving all that we are and have to participate in His kingdom.