Palm Sunday: A Glorious Moment – Kelly

“Palm Sunday: such a glorious moment and here we have an ordinary man sitting on a donkey. No great war horse or black stallion like we might expect. An ordinary man, a man of the common people not of the elite. If I was Jesus I would have been riding in with a flying sequin purple cape, expecting a red carpet and all the grandiose things!!! but it wasn’t about the entrance itself (no wonder he didn’t wear a cape). It was the announcement that Jesus is the messiah, the Saviour that God had promised to the Jewish people. The backstory is important.”

Just Breathe – Anthony

“Breath has a divine significance in Jewish theology. In Hebrew language and belief, breath and air are considered to be interchangeable with spirit. Just as the wind and air is invisible but gives life to all things around, so too is the Spirit of God unseen but sustains all creation. When I saw the coverage of what took place in Christchurch, I didn’t know what to do, what to say. The fear and grief remains overwhelming. So I just breathe.”

Hunger – Kerrie

“God isn’t looking for spiritual people. He’s looking for hungry people. Hunger that comes from a deep-seated groan, a groan for change, justice, wholeness, hope. A hunger that stops at nothing until God’s just kingdom is seen on this earth. A hunger that is unapologetic in its fervour and drive, and its relentless calling out of self-absorbed religion which ignores the plight of the needy.”