Kelly Smith- Mother’s Day; Not Always a Day of Celebration

“Life may not look the way we imagined it and there may be areas in which we long for change and that’s ok. But if our framework sounds a little like, “When I’m rich, then I will give to charity” or, “When I have a nice house, then I’ll invite people over”, it implies that “now” is insufficient or inadequate and that is not true. It is not the way of Jesus. Jesus is whispering “I will use you in all of your life, just follow me”.

Khadija Gbla- Servant’s Heart

“Jesus is Lord, Master, and Saviour. He has called us to follow and serve him so when we do his will, when we follow his orders, we shouldn’t expect gratitude or praise. Our work is for his glory not ours. We are nothing special. And so, when we have done all that is commanded us we don’t say to ourselves ‘I’m somebody very special.’ We say, ‘We are unworthy servants, we have done only that which we ought to have done.’ ”

Kelly Smith- Even if God Doesn’t

What if we had this crazy kind of faith that doesn’t let our circumstances change who God is?
What if we knew God so deeply that when our integrity is tested we choose to walk with God rather than with society.
Not so we get glory, but so that we can participate in putting the world to right, join in the invitation that God has extended to us. What if?

Anthony Castle- Saints and Communists; The Challenges of Mercy and Justice

“Jesus teaches that caring for others, reforming society and the love of God are the most important matters in our religion. As followers of Jesus, not only we are to work for charity and reform, to be called both saint and communist as Archbishop Dom Camara would put it, but to show mercy and to do justice above and beyond religious rituals and routines.”

Brad Chilcott- Saved From What?

“Who heard a sermon about the greatest in the kingdom of heaven being those who were willing to serve others – and continued to measure their social status by income, career, profile and possessions?

Who heard a sermon about God loving everyone and who couldn’t quite extend that love to everyone?

Who heard a sermon about the church existing for the community beyond the walls but decided the internal politics or theological accuracy was far more interesting and important?”

Anthony Castle- The Justice of the Resurrection

“When we see the image of Mary mourning the death of Jesus, we also see an image of all mothers mourning the death of children lost to injustice. If the cross is a picture of all suffering and all oppression, then the resurrection become a picture of justice. If you have experienced suffering and oppression, if you have felt the wounds, then you need justice, you need the resurrection.”

Anthony Castle- Blessed Are the Pure in Heart

“God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God.”
– Matthew 5:8

“When Jesus referred to the ‘pure in heart’, he contrasted the idea of inner purity with the religious culture of external purity. Jesus made the point that purity wasn’t just about external religious ritual, but about how our thoughts and emotions could drive our words and actions.”

Anthony Castle: Blessed are the Poor in Spirit; Beggars and a Better World.

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven” Matthew 5:3

The Beatitudes are a series of teachings within the Sermon on the Mount, aspirational statements structured around wealth and poverty. The language here can be more properly translated to say ‘happy and wealthy are those who beg for what they need’.

The simplest thing we can know from this Beatitudes is this; the Kingdom of God, whether it is coming or already among us, is a better world for those that need it most.