Just Breathe- Anthony Castle

“Breath has a divine significance in Jewish theology. In Hebrew language and belief, breath and air are considered to be interchangeable with spirit. Just as the wind and air is invisible but gives life to all things around, so too is the Spirit of God unseen but sustains all creation. When I saw the coverage of what took place in Christchurch, I didn’t know what to do, what to say. The fear and grief remains overwhelming. So I just breathe.”

Hunger- Kerrie Polkinghorne

“God isn’t looking for spiritual people. He’s looking for hungry people. Hunger that comes from a deep-seated groan, a groan for change, justice, wholeness, hope. A hunger that stops at nothing until God’s just kingdom is seen on this earth. A hunger that is unapologetic in its fervor and drive, and its relentless calling out of self-absorbed religion which ignores the plight of the needy.”

After the Party- Rosalie Dow-Schmidt

“After a big event – a party, or major change, or something terrible or something wonderful – it is natural to feel a whirlwind of emotions. It’s natural for everything to change. When we have these responses, it is sometimes possible to withdraw inwards, and to forget our focus as a Christian community on following Jesus in setting the world to right.”

Anthony Castle- Buildings and Bones; What Does It Mean to Build a Church

“When it comes to power, among us, it is meant to be different, but all too often churches can feel like more of the same. All too often we see another man of God using their power over others to build their own kingdoms, rather than simply love those around. And it is only ever a matter of time, before the believers just become more bones in the pews…”