The Kingdom of God: Hidden among us, revealed through us, requires everything of us – Kelly

“Just because the Kingdom of God is hidden among us it doesn’t mean that it is found in us alone. I am not the Kingdom of God nor are you. The kingdom of God is revealed in our togetherness and through the way we love each other. We don’t have a monopoly on the Kingdom of God, there are glimpses all around us.”

The Kingdom of God: Hidden Among Us – Anthony

“In the Parable of the Hidden Treasure, Jesus describes a Kingdom that is found among the worlds already built. This isn’t the world of colonisation, the world of capital, or the world of class and inequality. These are the worlds we see everyday, inherit, live beneath. Jesus speaks about a new way of life, a new world – the world of God – already here, hidden in the earth, in the dirt. There if we look for it.”