Podcast- Brad Chilcott- What’s Your Agenda?

‘We expend a lot of energy wondering what other people’s agendas are – assuming their actions or decisions have a hidden motive, especially when their actions or decisions are outside the norm, create conflict or take us outside our comfort zone. It’s easiest to assume people are driven by ambition, greed, competition, the approval of others or some other form of self-interest because we recognise those motivations in ourselves.’


Podcast- Anthony Castle- What Does God Actually Want For Our Lives?

Many often say that God wants something specific for our lives, that God has a plan for lives. Some imagine God may want something extraordinary for their lives; a life of health, wealth and power. Jesus, however, never told anybody that God had a specific plan for their lives and continually called others to sacrifice and to suffer for others. 

In Matthew 4:17-23, Jesus declares that God’s Kingdom is here and invites other to follow him; preaching the good news of God’s Kingdom to the poor, reaching out to the sick and the oppressed. Those who choose to follow Jesus imitate his work (Mark 6:6-13). 

What we learn from Jesus is not what God might want for our lives, but rather what God might want for others. God wants good things for our lives, but our lives must be about building God’s Kingdom, a better world, for the poor and the different and the despised. What does God actually want from our lives? 

God wants us to build a better world and include those who need it most.