Racism and Repentance- Anthony Castle

“Christian heritage is sometimes used as a shield for racism. The White Australia Policy is part of the Church’s history, and racism is a tragic part of Christianity’s heritage in Australia. But just as racism is part of the heritage of the Church, so is repentance. Just as the Church once accepted racist policy, so it came to reject it, and once the church repented of its racism, it could work with others to create justice.”

In Memory of Victor- Brad Chilcott

“Read the life of Jesus… He didn’t talk merely talk about the deficits of the current society or only give great speeches about how the world could be different. The way of his life and the manner of his death came together to point to an alternative yet attainable reality. He included the excluded in his inner circle, he brought culturally and religiously diverse people together, he lived a simple life of non-violence inclined towards the other rather than the self. He showed what the world could be if unconditional love for neighbour and radical love of enemy was the norm.”