Brad Chilcott- An Others- Centred Life

“One way of knowing whether your story is me-centred or others-centred is where your joy comes from.

Instead of happiness being found in what happens to you, you find joy in being part of helping others thrive. You love seeing your effort and sacrifice bring a smile to another person’s face. You give not because you want to receive but because you know someone else will benefit.”


Khadija Gbla- Letting Go of the Old and Becoming New

“There are old behaviours, perceptions and ways of doing things that might have helped us survived this broken world but they hinder our relationship with God, stop us from living a healthy life, limit how we interact with others but most of all stop us from being the light Jesus called us to be. Depending on God requires we ask God to strip us and show us the blocks that are holding us from a deep relationship with God.”

Kelly Smith- Happy Birthday Jesus!

“I love birthdays. I love them because it is a time to celebrate and honour a person. It is also fair, because we all have one. I like making people feel special. When I think about Jesus’ birthday, it should be giving him the same honour and celebration, actually it should be a lot more. But when I think about Christmas it looks far from a celebration of who Jesus is.”

Brad Chilcott- How We Roll

“This is what we know: competition, greed, prejudice, discrimination, hatred, inequality, violence, the arrogance and exploitation of the powerful, selfishness, consumerism, materialism, individualism will never build a better world or heal our communities.
Selflessness, generosity, mercy, grace, forgiveness, equality, justice, non-violence and unconditional love can and will.”

Brad Chilcott- God Bless Your Mother!

“If you’ve been convinced that the good news of God is good news for orphans and widows in their distress – if you like hearing that Christianity is about justice, compassion, generosity and equality – then, James writes, ‘don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves.'”

Khadija Gbla- Fostering a Dependence on God

“I finally realised that I couldn’t do God’s job in my life. I needed him. My safety, protection and provision could only be found in Jesus. The truth is when we realise our wisdom, courage, and strength are not enough we have only one option, we must lay ourselves before the throne of God and allow Him to do His work in and through us”

Baptism Stories

“Baptism is not the moment you suddenly get to go to heaven, it’s not the moment you decide that you’re a Christian. It is when people make the personal decision to publically say, ‘I am going to follow Jesus, I’m going to learn from His way of life and the example that he showed us and I’m going to make a declaration to my community and to my God that I’m on the path to following Jesus for the rest of my life.”

Brad Chilcott- God is Best Glorified…

“Richard Rohr says, “One could be warlike, greedy, racist, selfish and vain in most of Christian history and still believe that Jesus is one’s “personal Lord and Saviour” or continue to receive sacraments in good standing. The world has no time for such silliness anymore. The suffering on earth is too great.” “

Anthony Castle- Family Values; A Larger Vision of Family

“The structured definition of family that we often see in our society doesn’t always work. It can hurt and exclude people, failing to protect women and children. Some have defended this structure with the language of ‘family values’, but they are actually defending a patriarchal vision of family; the family as a power structure. Jesus did not value the family as a power structure, but instead valued the powerless, those who did not have family. Jesus had a larger vision of family, a family found in a sacred community of equality.”