Anthony Castle- Building the End of the World

‘Every generation, religious or secular, can see the end of the world coming soon. It’s normal. We apply our social anxieties to the status quo around us. Today, however, we face legitimate ecological, economic and humanitarian crisis. We can see our world coming to an end.

Jesus saw the end of the world also. Jesus was like us; Jesus could see his own world coming to an end, and he believed that God would one day restore the world, but he also knew that the Kingdom of God is here now. Jesus shows us how to build a better world, even if we can see our own world ending.

The world might be ending, but we go to the poor; reach out to the sick and the oppressed. We improve the living conditions of those in need.

The world might be ending, but we share our table with the poor and the powerless. We create communities of equality.

The world might be ending soon, but the Kingdom of God is here now, a community among us, growing over time.

This world might be ending… Like Jesus, we build a better world regardless.’