Activate Church is a community of activists, modelled on the life of Jesus, empowered by the Spirit, united by a commitment to join with God in setting the world to right.

We believe people of every sexuality, gender and race are equal in every way and therefore naturally derive equal rights to access all social opportunities and cultural institutions – relationships, marriage, leadership, education, employment – in both society and church.

We believe a commitment to loving people as Jesus did calls us to struggle in solidarity towards this equality becoming a lived reality for all people across all of society.

We’d love you to join us.

Sunday gathering at Bowden Chapel, 10.30am
100 Drayton Street Bowden SA


Anthony Castle- Diversity and Repentance- What’s the Point of Diversity?

“We have been talking about the importance of diversity in society and in our own community. We rightly understand diversity as a way to ensure fairness and equality in how different people are treated, but does representation always address larger issues of inequality? The point of diversity is justice, but justice isn’t just about who …